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We know you have lots of investments to choose from. Even so, we think preREO stands out.

REO stands for “real estate owned.” When a bank or other lender forecloses on a property and takes ownership the property become “REO” in the hands of the lender.

We’re called preREO because we buy distressed residential mortgages before the bank forecloses, i.e., before the property becomes REO.

Hedge funds and other mortgage holders offer their mortgage notes to private investors via preREO.com. The private investors may take the property through the foreclosure process with our help as needed or may agree to a loan modification or other consensual resolution with the homeowners.

When we sell the preREO mortgage to the private investor she pays 25% of the price down and the remaining 75% over time, at 12% interest. Of the 12% interest paid by the private investor, we pay 9% to you, as an investor in preREO.com, and use the other 3% to pay expenses and pay ourselves a profit, if possible.

Here are a few reasons we think preREO is special:
•     We never finance more than 56% of what we think the property is worth, so there’s a “cushion” of  security built in.
•     When you invest in preREO you’re investing in all our mortgages, thereby diversifying your portfolio and reducing risk.
•     Our Founder, Jorge Newbery, has extensive experience with distressed mortgages, having bought more than 10,000  of them over the last 12 years.
•     It’s not just about making money. By getting distressed mortgage in the hands of private investors quickly – especially private investors familiar with the community – we aim to reduce the neighborhood blight associated with vacant and distressed houses.
We think everyone should share in the opportunity and therefore accept both accredited and non-accredited investors.

CAUTION: Investing in preREO involves risk, including the risk that you could lose some or all of your money. Please review the Risks of Investing section of our Offering Statement before considering an investment.



  • Are you interested in a real estate-backed investment vehicle that is literally built for these turbulent economic times?*
  • Do you want to invest in the preREO non-performing mortgage boom** that is about to happen, but don’t have the time to sift through deals?
  • If this sounds like you, setup a co-invest call with us today.

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FORM 1-A OFFERING STATEMENT (SEC Filing with Exhibits)

There is no guaranty that we will earn enough profit to distribute a 9% return to Investors, or even to return their capital. The Company will try to return to Investors all of their capital no later than the fifth anniversary of the purchase date, assuming there is sufficient cash flow. However, they might receive their capital sooner, later, or not at all.

Receive a competitive return of 9% annually.

  • Get paid Monthly Distributions
  • Low minimum investment
    Ability to become an investor with just $100.
  • Best Efforts Early Liquidity
    Your money is not locked in with preREO. If you need your investment back early, we will undertake our best efforts to redeem within 30 days. If you redeem in the first year, your return will be lowered from 9% to 7%. If you redeem in the second year, the return is lowered from 9% to 8%

Information On Our Current Offering:

Offering Size

$75 million

Underlying Security


Preferred Return

9% Annually

Term Length

5 Years

Minimum Investment


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