Our Story


Jorge Newbery


With more than 30 year's experience in distressed-asset management and borrower advocacy, Jorge Newbery founded preREO with the goal of bringing stability to neighborhoods challenged by the blight of vacant homes. Through his writing and live educational events, he empowers investors to revitalize communities while creating financial gains for themselves.

Throughout his career, Newbery has utilized optimism and resilience to discover opportunity in adversity, founding numerous enterprises including American Homeowner Preservation, the country's first crowdfunded distressed-mortgage investment platform and Activist Legal, a law firm facilitating default legal services. His autobiography “Burn Zones” offers lessons learned through his challenges and successes as an entrepreneur.

Trusted by 10,000+ investors, sellers and agents

Welcome To preREO

We leverage crowdsourced capital to help investors purchase distressed mortgages from institutional sellers at discounts.

In certain states, with a foreclosure process taking months or even years, lenders often struggle to maintain these properties which without upkeep may fall into disarray.

When not maintained, these properties can be vandalized and become magnets for crime as well as a general eyesore for the community.

We make real estate investing easier for everyone by bringing noteholders and community investors together, allowing for more efficient selling, maintenance and improvement of these challenged properties.

Trusted by 10,000+ investors, sellers and agents

The preREO Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide unprecedented access to distressed mortgages and help to keep these assets in the hands of individuals who want to make a profit and improve their local communities.

Why We Created preREO

More than 1.5 million vacant single-family homes and condos were scattered across neighborhoods in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2019. We strive to help institutions sell distressed mortgages to real estate investors who can better optimize the assets and improve communities nationwide.

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