Start earning on your real estate investment during the foreclosure process.

The Smart Investment

What is a preREO?

A preREO is a delinquent first mortgage secured by either a vacant or tenant-occupied property. With “zombie” properties scattered throughout the United States, lenders often struggle to properly maintain these preREOs.


Why Choose preREO?

Vacant or tenant-occupied properties become a burden on lenders, incurring significant property preservation costs and often leave local communities suffering with the blight of abandoned and deteriorating homes.

preREO brings noteholders and community investors together, allowing for more efficient maintenance and improvement of these challenged properties.

We Have the Experience


Solution to the Problem

The preREO Solution

Find Assets Easily

Search and bid on profitable preREOs on one platform, which makes finding your next opportunity easy.

Partner with Knowledgeable Professionals

preREO connects you with experts familiar with this unique process including appointing a receiver, servicing a loan and more.

Positive Return on Your Investment

Start earning immediately by leasing or renting during the foreclosure process and see your community flourish.

Help local partners make a difference in their communities and earn a return. Finally, an investment with a cause anyone can fund.

preREO uses crowdsourced capital to help local partners purchase distressed mortgages from institutional sellers at discounts. Local partners invest 25% of the acquisition price and preREO contributes 75%.

Local partners pay preREO monthly and work towards resolution of the assets, such as loan modifications to keep families in their homes, or repair and resale of vacant homes that become REO. Crowdfund investors earn up to 7% per year and help rebuild communities across America.

preREO Events

Upcoming Events


preREO Meetup for Note Investors

Every other Wednesday at 1:00 PM CT

Join our next meetup to become a more successful Note investor, by interacting with other investors and the preREO team. Listen and learn about non-performing mortgages, specific deals, or the preREO platform, and get expert real-time answers.



preREO Webinar Education Series

Don’t miss the next free learning opportunity

Discover a new way to invest in real estate through investing in non-performing mortgages at substantial discounts. Designed for individual investors, our free webinars enable you to get started, covering different aspects of non-performing mortgage investing and crowdfunding.

On-Demand Training

Step-By-Step training to buy distressed mortgages secured by vacant properties

Learn how to find first mortgages, bid, negotiate and buy distressed mortgages, take control of the property legally during the foreclosure process, and make a profit from rental income and selling after foreclosure.

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